Sunday, July 29, 2012

More detail, Characters and gameplay info. Moonlight Mountains

In my last post I didn't really go into detail about the game im working on so today I finally have prepared that. I already started a development thread on the unity forums HERE
so Ill just copy and paste everything from that post and put it here on the blog as well
But from now on I will probably post updates in my unity dev thread unless I have a major update like a demo release, trailer, etc.

 anyway from my unity thread:

Hi unity community. Its me again. I am working my next unity project called "Moonlight Mountains"

     Its a low poly game about a princess who lives in on the Moon. However, this is not your average "save the princess" type game. It is a two part game. And when I say two part game I don't mean that the game will be split into two parts and released separately. I mean that each half of the game has its own unique gameplay style. At the moment I am working on the first half of the game (which is almost finished). For now I will talk about the first half of the game.

In the first half, the princess drops five capsules down to earth from the moon. Each capsule lands on a different mountain. You play as

Commander Moonlight: (for more info on character go HERE)

Commander Moonlight can climb any mountain and with his rocket launcher prepared,  he sets out to obtain the five capsules.

Each capsule contains parts to a ship.  The princess has dropped these ship parts so you can build the ship and go to rescue her.
The ship is known as the "Moon-Cruiser"

moonlight princess (see HERE for more info on princess)

About the gameplay. (First half, the gameplay will be different in the second half)
     There a five mountains, however you cannot go to each mountain right away. They must be unlocked.
I have put in a new system in the game where you must collect something known as "Cat-cash" (the currency in Moonlight Mountains) In order to unlock the other mountains and obtain the other capsules you must collect the required amount of cat-cash.

So this means that even though you obtain ship pod/ capsule you might need to revisit the level to collect more cat-cash.

Screen shot of finding cat cash:

Current progress on the game:
I have finished the first two Mountains and am currently putting the third one together. Hopefully soon I will have a Demo up! :)

Anway thats about it for now I will have more soon!

Other Characters/ images:


Moonlight Mountain Bear: (see HERE)

Moon Fish: (see HERE)

Sir. MoonBeam: (see HERE)


 Big moon fish attack! (Screenshot)