Friday, March 29, 2013

First improvment/ demonstration project is up

Hey everyone.

As I said a while ago, ever since I released "Revolver Finger" for android, I have been spending all my time practice/training and learning more to better improve my game development and 3d art skills. I have been making a lot of great progress and definitely have improved in many areas. I have mainly been focusing on improving my 3d art skills. Those of you who have seen my deviant art or some of my recent posts may have seen some of the models I created for practice.

Anyway, in a post I made not to long ago I said that I would put up a small demonstration/prototype project that shows my recent work so people can see how much I have improved. I also mentioned I would be putting these small projects up when I first said that I would be taking  a break from development and focusing on improving.

So here is my very first "Improvement project" (thats what I like to call them). Its nothing special, just something real basic. You can walk around it and just look at some of my recent work. Its kind of like a small virtual museum. In this you will be able to move around in a small town type level I created and get a closer look at my more recent models such as my zelda character remakes.

You can check it out in your web browser from here: Improvement Demo

I will be adding these into the "Prototype/ Demonstrations projects" section of the blog.

I have definitely learned a lot more and greatly improved but I am still not satisfied with my current skill level. So I am going to continue training and improving further for the time. I will probably have more "Improvment project" demonstrations up as I go.

I mentioned this before, I have plans and already know what my next game project will be and I am really excited about it but I will not start working on it until I greatly improve. And I want my next game release to be my best one.

So thats all for now.