Friday, April 3, 2015

Finally played around with Unity 5!


    As everyone probably knows already, Unity 5 came out at the beginning of March (March 3) and it was a really exciting day for game developers, the people behind the unity engine and unity fanboys and girls all over the world. I remember being very excited about Unity 5 as soon as I heard it came out that week and I just wanted to download it right away and start making awesome games with it. 

Unfortunately, I had to hold that excitement back for a bit. When Unity 5 came out I was still developing my recent released game "Don't Explode". Of course I could of just move that project from Unity 4 into Unity 5 and finished it there but I didn't want to do that because it was pretty much almost finished, I had all the features built in and it just needed some polish work. I wasn't sure if anything would break if I upgraded to Unity 5. Long story short, I decided to hold off on using Unity 5 until I finished and released my latest Android game. But now, that is out of the way. My game is complete and you can download "Don't Explode" today for free off the Google PlayStore 

With that out of the way, I finally downloaded Unity 5, opened it up played around with it and even created a quick simple demo scene to test out a bunch of cool new features the updated engine comes with. Mainly played around with rendering settings, new shaders and so on to create a beautiful looking 3d scene using only 3d primitive gameobjects Unity comes with. (Such as cubes, capsules, planes,etc)

Screen shot of my results:

See it in action running live in your browser with the Webplayer I built!
Webplayer Demo: Unity 5 WebDemo Test

Bottom Line:
Is that after playing around with Unity 5 for a couple hours I am in love with it! The Unity team continues to upgrade their engine to be the best and pack each release with awesome new features. I'm still exploring Unity 5 for myself and playing around with and testing all of these great new built in features. I personally am really excited to start creating all my upcoming games and projects with the new Unity 5 engine and I am really looking forward to sharing my creations with everyone else. Also, I am really looking forward to seeing what other developers will create with Unity 5 and what the Unity team has for us next.