Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Introducing "Snowconesolid Assets"

     Hey everyone I have some exciting news to share today. I recently signed up as a Unity Asset Store publisher. Which means, soon I will be putting up my own custom Unity asset packages for sale over at The Unity Asset Store. This is something I have been planning on doing for a while now but held off until I had a really good understanding of the process and became very skilled and knowledgeable in asset creation for the asset store. I am ready to make my move now and finally moving onto creating awesome asset packages! My goal is to create high quality game ready optimized asset packages for Unity game developers to use in their own projects. Packages for everyone to use to help either speed up the development time of your project, create levels faster, decorate your game or just to help you start out!

I will be creating a variety of different asset packages such as 3d props packages, environment packages for level building, weapon packages, vehicle packages and so on. I will even be open to take request.

Currently, I am already in the process of developing my first couple asset packages and preparing them for the asset store. I will be updating the blog as my packages become available on the store.
I look forward to sharing my creations with other developers and will have more updates soon.