Friday, January 25, 2013

Revolver Finger Screens, current progress and Google play publishing!

Hey everyone. Long time no see. Well not that long actually.

I haven't posted much about "Revolver Finger" on here but I have made lots of great progress. Actually, the game itself is near completion now. So I just want to share some news and finally screen shots of the game.

Lets just start with the screen shots first!

Just want to say that these screen shots do not really show what the game is about. I don't want to spoil it so these are actually all screen shots from early on in the game. You will soon find out the truth!

Current Progress on the game:
I want to say the game is around 85% complete. I don't know how I got that number because I didn't do any calculations or anything but that is just how I feel where the game is at. It is a short adventure game that consists of four parts. I have finished working on part three not long ago and am ready to work on part four, which is the final part. After I finish the final part of the game I will just need to add a couple more things such as the game menus and a save feature.

After I finish all that, the game will be ready to be published! At the moment I am still not sure about the release date but it should not be far off at all.

Speaking of publishing, I just want to say that I finally got an android developers license and can now publish my android apps to the Google play store.Whooooooooo! So I am happy to say that "Revolver Finger" will be available on Googles Play store when it is complete. The game will be 100% free. :)

I look forward to releasing "Revolver Finger" and future projects.

More updates soon, thanks for reading.