Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Updates+ cool NEW game progress + New Screens

     At the end of April I mentioned that I was working on a new game project and showed some early screenshots. I have made a lot of progress since then and the project is shaping up very nicely. I am working on it each day, little by little, polygon by polygon. Haven't decided on a name for it yet and I don't have any gameplay or trailer to show at the moment but I am very proud of what I have so far. Mostly, I am very proud of the modeling and texturing, the overall quality and work I am putting in this project is a major step-up from my previous game Potato Thriller (which has been out for over a year now, originally released April 1st 2016) 

With that said, I have really changed over the last year as a game developer. I took a step back for a while, looked at the many design flaws Potato Thriller had as well as many of my older games. I sharpened my skills as a developer and 3d artist, learned new skills and am becoming more serious as a game developer. I love creating and putting my work out there but I want to get better and better each time I do it. I want to continue improving my skills so that I can create more well built games. I have said this many times, but I am very passionate about being a games developer and it is an art form that has consumed years of my life now. It is just something that I keep coming back to. Something that I want to master. 

Alright, that was kind of an out of place random rant that was kind of all over the place. I always seem to do that in a lot of my blog posts for some reason. (I feel like I have said almost the same things in older blog posts also.) Anyway, quality. Quality is my primary focus on this new game project (and is something I want to always achieve in my future titles as well as everything else I do). I really want to make this game perfect and fun. Every aspect of it needs to be good quality. The graphics, the gameplay, the atmosphere, the entire experience! I want to create a game that is unique and nothing like any of my previous work. 

Game Updates?
     Umm.. I don't really feel like typing anymore. Kinda wasted this post being all "I am so passionate about games! I respect the art form!" So, uh yeah.. i'm working really hard on my new game. Here is a bunch of screenshots from development. BAM!

Also, you can use a FREAKEN COAT HANGER as a weapon in game! I am the very first game developer to ever do this! (I think I am at least)

The game will be some kind of a bizarre/horror-ish experience or something like that. I don't know man. I'm still working on it.