Saturday, March 10, 2012

New video of Leonardo's Memory and Demo coming soon

     It has been a long time since I last updated my blog but I am here once again. *audience clap in background* ahh yes thank you thank you. Anyway I have just posted a new video of "Kokoh Trails : Leonardo's Memory", my very first unity game project (or first game project ever). In my last blog post I said that I was abandoning the project for a while and might or might not finish working on it. Also, I said that I started a new game project. Anyway, since I have been gone I was working on my new game project the whole time. I have made very good progress on it so far and it has come much further in development than Kokoh Trails has. I have already built the first two levels in my new game project and am about start working on the third level. I have planned and organized my new game project much better than I have for my first one. For Kokoh Trails, I was kind of just making everything at random and did not organize anything of my project stuff like scripts and models and what goes into what level, etc. So I guess I just became overwhelmed with what to do. Luckily this is not the case in my new game project. Everything is organized and I am planning on what to do for each level before I go in and start building it. So development has been coming along very nicely. Anyway this post is not about my new game project. I will be posting news and finally some screens and all the details about my new game project really soon though. Next blog post.
   Anyway, this blog is for kokoh trails. I have just put up a new video for kokoh trails up showing off final build of the very first level. Check it out.

Also, I plan on putting up a web demo of everything I have created for my kokoh Trails game project. I would really like to know what people think of it so far. So just some feed back would be nice, even though there really isn't much to do in the parts of the game I have created so far. Once again, I am not sure if I will ever go back and finish this game. I have also put up images of some of the 3d models I made for this game on my deviantart page. Right now I am fully focused my new game project. Maybe after finishing that I will go back to working on my first project. As for the web player; I am very impressed with it. I know unity can do a lot of things but I have never made a web player build until recently. Games run great in unity's web player and  it just makes me want to make even more games because there is no download required.
So plus one for the unity game engine for having an option to build in web players. To test out the web player, I created a very small basic game to see how well it works. Its nothing special at all. You play as a ball and collide with boxes to destroy them. There is no sound, awsome 3d models or cool texturing or anything but if interested you can check that out over here, bam!

just use the arrow keys to move around. If you fall of the stage, then refresh the page because I never added a respawn thing, so you would just fall forever.

So I really like the web player and hope to make all my games in it in the future. Like I said earlier, I will post a demo build of all the stuff I created so far in my kokoh trails project in the web player. After that, there will be no more updates on that project for a while and I will start posting updates on my new project. I look forward to it. Thanks for reading!

Off Topic:
I drew a picture of something completely random; I have no idea what it is. So I decided that I will make this creature thing my mascot. Here is the official Snowconesolid video game icon from now on.