Friday, March 16, 2012

Kokoh Trails: Leonardo's Memory Episode 1 Finally Up!

 Hi everyone! In my last blog post I said that I would upload a demo of "kokoh Trails Leonardo's Memory", my very first unity game project. I said that I would upload everything that I have built so far and then begin to focus on my new game project and take a break from the kokoh trails project. Well, after looking at the demo I was putting together for my first project, I have realized that it is very boring. So instead I decided to finish everything in the first part of my game. I created the boss battle and the parts for after the boss battle.

So, this is no longer a demo, it is a final build of the very first part of Kokoh Trails: Leonardo's Memory. I decided that im going to build each part of my game separately. So I am going to continue working on my Kokoh Trails project as well as my second game project at the same time. Its not a good idea to work on both at them at the same time because I am a solo dev and it is a lot of work for one person, so I am going to switch back and fourth between the two.

About Episodes:
For kokoh Trails Leonardo's Memory I am going to create each episode and release it separately instead of just working on one huge game. I have just finished episode one and now episode one of kokoh Trails Leonardo's memory is finally up. I hope you enjoy the game. I would like some feed back on the game to.
The game is defiantly not perfect. The textures are kind of crappy and the animations aren't to well done.

Any way here is a screen shot of "A Samer Khatib game" (You will see this screen in all my games)

Heres a screen shot of the main menu for episode one

And here is the very first Episode of "Kokoh Trails: Leonardo's Memory"
hope you enjoy it!

Episode 2 Coming soon!

I made a development thread on unity forums:

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