Saturday, February 16, 2013

Whats next?

Hello everyone!

Its been a little over a week since I released "Revolver Finger" on the app store. Since then I decided to take a little break from working on my next game projects. What I want to do now is to really polish up my skills, mainly my 3d modeling/art work skills so I can really create much more professional/ polished looking games and other 3d content. Also, I am going to be focusing on learning more about professional game design.

I have already released many games up till now but all of those games where mainly for fun/ learning. So my goal now is learn in a more professional matter so I can create much better and serious game projects. I do not know when I will start working on my next game project, probably not for a while however, I do have plans for many more games. Some for pc and some for Android actually.

Already, for the past couple weeks or so I have been training and really improving my 3d modeling skills and gaining a much better understanding of how professional 3d models are created.

here is some of my recent work: its still not perfect of course but its a learning process and I feel I have greatly improved if you look at my past models and compare them to my more recent ones.

Work-out/fitness type character

Realistic soccer ball:

Edit: I guess I should also throw this in here as well. Its one of the best looking things I made so far.
A somewhat realistic human head sculpt. I plan on creating the entire body for this as well.

So that is my plan for a while. And, maybe every once in a while I will make small prototype/ demonstration projects and put them up just to show what improvements I made. I'll probably have them up in the "Prototype Projects" section of my blog found HERE. Or by clicking on the tab that says "Prototype Projects" at the top of the page.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully in the future I will have much more impressive game projects both gameplay-wise and visually. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the games I have already created and try out my latest one "Revolver Finger" for android.