Sunday, August 17, 2014

Snowconesolid Games + Android, Plans for mobile platform!

     Hey everyone! Today I want to share some news and my future plans on where I am going next with my game making interests, although I am pretty sure that the title and the image above give off a little idea.

 Games and apps on mobile platforms have always been exciting and interesting to me. Last year around the beginning of 2013 I became a licensed android app developer and published my very first mobile game to the Google play Store.  That game was "Revolver Finger". It wasn't very good, controls were a mess, graphics were poor and the game was full of bugs. Although my first android app had many problems I was proud of it and happy that I completed the project on my own and published it on the app store. That game was more of a learning experience and starting point for me to dive into mobile game development instead of a serious attempt to create a mobile game app.

Since the release of Revolver Finger I have kind of shifted away from mobile development and began focusing on PC and web game projects.  During that time period I have created a number of much better quality games and released them for various platforms. I have greatly improved my skills in many areas of game development and now I am ready to come back to mobile platforms.

So now I am going to be shifting my focus back to mobile game/android app development. Does this mean that I will not be making any more Pc/web games? Of course not. This means that my games will now be available on one more extra platform and that they will be portable! I will still publish titles for as much platforms as I can. Using the unity game engine, its easy to make games cross platform. However, I can't guarantee that all my future games will be cross platform. Since I have picked up an interest for mobile app development I have come up with a number of small mobile game ideas I want to create that will most likely be exclusive to android. Most of my games will still be cross platform though.

Whats the next big Snowconesolid game plan?

   Before I get into any of my new game ideas I want to work on porting a couple of my older game projects to android. Doing so will give me a little bit more experience working with android and publishing and at the same time make some of my older PC/Web games available on the go!

Currently I have been working on porting my most recent game "Beach Ball Shooter" over to android.
I already have set up touch controls and created a test build of the first level from the game. I got it running on my Galaxy S3 and everything seems to be working nice and smoothly.

Here is a video of beachball shooter running on my S3:

I am almost finished porting Beach Ball Shooter over and I plan on making it available on the Google play store in the next day or two. So real soon.

Once I port and publish BeachBall shooter over to the Play store I will begin porting over another game which I will announce in a later blog post.

That is about it for now. I am very excited to develop for the android platform once again and I look forward to sharing my games/apps/ideas/creations with everyone!

Thanks for reading. More updates soon!