Friday, April 22, 2016

New Asset pack: "Block People"

      My newest Unity asset pack "Block People" now available on the Unity Asset store.
"Block People" is a pack of simple 3d humanoid block shaped colorful toon styled characters. You can get this new asset pack and throw it into your Unity project today from the asset store over here:

Package Info:
- 3 different blocky characters

- 12 Skin variations

- Male and Female genders of blocky characters

- Mobile and Desktop versions of all character prefabs (12 desktop prefabs and 12 Mobile prefabs, 24 prefabs total)

- 18 different animation poses.

- Mecanim ready animator controller. Easily add your own animations to the controller and watch Blocky People animate!

- Optimized compressed png texture maps (1024x1024)

- Example scene with all characters.

-Works with both 3D and 2D projects

-Mobile Ready!

-Unity 5 Ready!


Price Reductions

I have also reduced the price of "Crazy Cats Toon Pack" to $3 and "Super Rubber Duck Pack" to $2.


     Its been a while since I put out  a new asset package on the unity asset store. Block People was a nice package to make to get back into it. If i'm not working on a game its probably on an asset pack. I don't know it depends. I have ideas for a lot of games and ideas for a lot of packages. So every now and then you might see me release a new package to the unity asset store. I will definitely always post an update when I do so here on the blog as I always do.

Thanks for reading. More updates soon.