Thursday, November 5, 2015

I don't know what I'm creating

     Hello everyone. Blog update time. Last time I posted here I mentioned that I was working on a new game. And I have created a bunch of prototypes and a lot of new game assets and all that other good stuff. But the truth is, I honestly have no idea what it is I am actually creating. I have had ideas come and go but can't seem to decide exactly what it is I want to create. My mind constantly changes and sometimes I even loose interest in making the game. I've been busy with other things besides making games. Like real life and my real job lately. So I don't really get the chance to work on my game projects or update the blog as often anymore.

But still, I want to continue to create. I will always create stuff as long as I enjoy doing so.
Anyway, in my free time I have been working on this very strange game that I have been mentioning recently. But at this point, I am pretty much making it up as I go. As you can see by the screenshots, the game is going to be very weird, very random and very wtf. Nothing new though right? Somehow all my games end up just being weird and random and I have even said that I usually just make them up as I go in older posts. :)

Anyway, The new game I am making is P.T! Or at least, it is going to be a game inspired off of the very popular Silent Hills PT demo (an awesome game that ended up getting canceled)

And with all that said. Here is some screenshots. Goodnight. More updates soon.