Monday, November 30, 2015

Surprise game very soon (P.T. Remake?) and 2016 plans.

     Just wanted to post a quick update about this secret horror game project I have been putting together over the past couple weeks in my free time.  In a previous blog post I said that I was pretty much working on P.T. Or at least my very own version of P.T. Like I said earlier, I have been a huge fan of the Silent Hills project ever since the P.T. demo came out and was really bummed when I heard that it got canceled. The P.T. demo was even removed from the PS store as many of you probably know. It has been some time since all of this has happened. By now i'm sure that a lot of people in the gaming world have probably even forgotton about the whole Silent Hills thing. P.T was such an impressive demo because it was something that really stood out from other modern day horror games. What I mean by that is, it was actually scary. I love horror games, but I haven't actually felt frightened by a horror game in a while. P.T was different. The atmosphere and everything was just so well done. The jump-scare got me more than once and it was just an actual awesome experience overall. I will talk more about this later on.

Staying on topic. I had so much inspiration from the P.T. demo. It was a simple first person game but so perfectly executed. I have been working on my own P.T. since October. It's kind of like a remake but definitely in my own way. It's also different in a lot of ways. But yes, this game I have been working on (on and off whenever I had a chance too) is very much influenced and inspired by the P.T demo. I am making this game in honor of the Silent Hills P.T demo.

 I have gone through so many revisions for my own version of P.T (which I want to discuss later on maybe in a video?) But  I am finally at a point in the games development where I feel satisfied with it, the game feels right, plays right and feels like P.T. This is also definitely an interesting game for me to make and different from the other games I created. I just wanted to say in todays blog post that I am almost finished and plan on releasing my new game very very soon. Probably within the next few days or so. :)

Other things...
Anyway, I wanna wrap things up for today. I will have more updates real soon. I said a while back in another post that I wanted to start doing video updates. Maybe I will get to this tomorrow. But I want to have a video up soon kind of discussing more about my P.T game, where this blog is going, where I am going with my indie games career (well hobby I guess, not really a career). I also want to start to get more into youtube. I don't just want to make indie games anymore. I want to expand. I kind of want to give this blog and my games a face, a more human side. I want to interact more through youtube and the blog. I want to update on a more daily basis. As I said, I plan on doing video updates over some stuff i'm working on, maybe do some tutorials for unity and blender3d, answer questions and even do a couple of my own lets play videos. Cover some other indie games other small time devs like me have made. I want to help out the indie scene more and be more active.

A lot of new things planned going into 2016. I'm very excited as always. Again I will cover this more in depth later on. I might have my first "real" youtube video out covering my P.T game and the future of all of this "Snowconesolid Productions" stuff. I want to thank all the readers and players out there who visit my blog and check out my stuff. It means a lot to me. As always, stay tuned. More updates coming real soon. Happy holidays everybody. Peace.