Friday, December 11, 2015

Heres that YouTube update I promised :)

I have been working hard over the past couple days cleaning up my YouTube channel. Getting it more organized and making it look cool. I updated almost everything on my channel and am happy with how much I have changed with it. 

My new YouTube icon I designed:

"You see this? Diamond Dogs... Our new home..." -MGSV

Randomly decided to make a Metal Gear Solid V reference just now for some reason. But that is how I felt when I was re-designing my YouTube stuff, getting it more organized and to look more like how I want it to look. Its a great feeling actually. :D

And the my new YouTube Banner. I think I spent too much time working on this one. But very happy with the results.

Check out and Subscribe to my updated fancy pants YouTube channel today!

It's a really exciting time and I am really happy. I really look forward to sharing my YouTube adventures and posting a bunch of new content. I have so much planned. More videos and blog updates will be coming soon. More information and a trailer for my new horror game coming up later in the coming days.  Thank you everybody once again for staying with me and checking out all my stuff over the past couple years. It means so much to me. I really enjoy creating and sharing new content with everyone. :)

More updates coming soon! Thanks for reading.