Sunday, June 19, 2016

Preparing for steam release and game updates!

     Hi everyone. Quick update. Ever since Potato Thriller has been greenlit, I have been working non stop on it, adding new features, extra content and really polishing it up. I am currently prepping the final game for steam release which is something I am very very excited about. There are still a couple of things I need to do and finalize before getting it up on steam but i'm getting there. I am currently working on the steam page as we speak. My goal is to have the game up on steam within the next couple days or hopefully sooner. The game is finished. I have all the final builds ready and everything is going very smoothly. I have a small announcement about the steam version of the game that I would like to share real quick before I get back to work. Also I have some updates for the original game.

Steam Version:
     As a way of showing my thanks and gratitude for having my game get greenlit, I wanted to make the steam version a little special. The steam version of Potato Thriller will have exclusive new extra content that the original game is missing and it will be listed under a slightly different name. On Steam, the game will be called: "Potato Thriller Steamed Potato Edition" as opposed to just the original "Potato Thriller. It is the same game but with the exclusive extra steam content. Here are some screens from the steamed potato edition:

Game updates:
     There have been a couple of annoying bugs I noticed and have been pointed out to me in the original game that I released over at such as the mouse staying on screen or moving out of the game window, etc. I have fixed all these bugs and polished it up. The game is now the most recent updated game that will be the steam version, just without the exclusive extra steam content. So if you were one of the early buyers or purchased the game through the game page site, please download the newest updated game to get the best experience.

Now on Gamejolt:
     The Game is now also available on which also includes the most recent up to date build of the game.

Get Potato Thriller From:
Steam special edition (Coming Soon)

Thank you everyone once again so much for all the support and voting for my game to become available through steam. I am really excited and looking forward to releasing the steam edition in the next couple days. More updates soon.