Thursday, September 22, 2016

Making progress....

Today I started working on the first level for the next game. This time around, I really want to focus on texture and graphic quality as well as level design.

Dev screens bam!

Oh baby! Those textures!

Look at the lighting son! nice!

Snowconesolid Productions!!!

Character design changes:

Also, from the above screenshots, you might have noticed something different about my 

"Ponytail character" Hmmm what could it be what could it be....

Thats right! he now has a super cool hat!

I thought something was missing from the original model so I went back, modeled this hat and re-did his texture. I decided that he will be some kind of mail man character.

This hat though! It really perfected my character! Look at all these hats! Looooook!
I loved the new hat I created for the character however, I was dissatisfied with the new color scheme I came up for him. Soooo... I decided to go back to his original pink texture that I created. I felt this pink texture made him more unique and comedic and cartoony. I adjusted the new hat to match his clothes and boom!

He is now a very cool looking character model. Especially with the hat that has my "Snowconesolid Productions" mascot on it. A 3d character wearing snowconesolid merch yo!

Back to level design:

I really want to structure the levels properly this time and am focusing on a more modular level design workflow. 

Here is the first "non-development" screenshot from the first level, which is essentially just a quick short tutorial/getting started/intro to the game before the actual game starts.

This first level is like a little easter egg cave essentially. I really like how it turned out and can't wait to make more progress so I can eventually show more progress. 

More updates soon!