Thursday, November 10, 2016

What is Hamar Hills?????

     Okay, I have been doing a really bad job posting updates here on the blog lately. I always say I want to post more often but then never get to it. I have a ton of stuff I want to share though and I will actually have a lot more daily blog post in the following days because I can't cover everything in just one post. So, let's just get straight into it.

     Today I want to talk about my next upcoming game project. Actually, most of the following blog post will all be about this. "Hamar Hills" is my newest game in the works. I started talking and sharing some stuff about this project a couple months ago here on the blog, but then would just disappear for a while after that. So I was never consistent with the updates on progress. Also, barely anything was even shown for the game. I showed off development screens in the past, a couple days ago I released a very short confusing teaser trailer (which actually really has nothing to do with the game) so what the heck is "Hamar Hills" even suppose to be!?!

     If you have followed any of my previous work or played any of my previous games (Potato Thriller for example) you should know by now that when I start working on something, over time I end up changing my mind about a lot of stuff and end up going a completely different route with it. Things usually start to get real weird and random real fast in my game projects. I would say something about the game one day, then the next day do something completely different. I have said this many times in the past before actually, but I am terrible at planning games from beginning to end and usually I end up randomly making it up as I go. This isn't fully true for "Hamar Hills" because I do have a really good idea of what I want this game to be. But a lot of change in direction has already  been done since I posted the teaser trailer a few days ago.

     "Hamar Hills" will be a third person horror game about a man who wonders into the abandoned town of (guess the name of town) "Hamar Hills". I have made a lot of progress on this game so far in terms of development and I think it will be a very unique game experience. I have no exact finish date just yet. A lot more work needs to be done on the project. But like I said, more  updates will be following in the days coming so keep checking back here.

For now, here is a ton of new screenshots to look at I took from development. I always like to talk a ton about my new project, not really say anything about it (even after saying that I was going to explain it more, and then show off a ton of screenshots that aren't even from the final product. But you could kind of see some cool behind the scenes work going on here I guess and I like sharing this kind of stuff. Please enjoy!