Sunday, December 25, 2011

My first game "Worminator" Carnival Style

     After about month of learning and working in unity3d I finally finished my first game. Thanks to the Tornado Twins I have been introduced to Game development and familiarized greatly with the Unity game engine.

Who are the TornadoTwins? The TornadoTwins are these awsome game developers that teach people Game development. Their Youtube channel has a whole tutorial on making a simple third person game, and other things as well such as a dubstep. These tutorials are great and go over almost everything you need to make a third person game. Throughout the tutorials the TornadoTwins teach you how to create a game called "Worminator", which is a game where you play as a worm and just move around and shoot turrets. The whole Idea of this tutorial is to teach people how to use the Unity engine and its features.  If you really want to learn game development but have know idea where to start or are a beginner I highly recommend you start off with the TornadoTwins third person game tutorial. Even if you have no experience with anything game dev related such as level design or programming, the TornadoTwins tutorials will really get you started off in a great direction.

 Its a 29 part series and after watching all of it you feel like you actually learned a lot about game dev and can just finally start on your own game idea that has been in your head forever.
The Tutorial is very easy and clear to follow. So I highly recommend you check out their youtube channel.

There are a lot of documentations and tutorials for Unity3d everywhere, on the unity website there is even this whole ebook that teaches you how to make a third person game. While all of these are also great places to start off, they can be a little more time consuming and not as enjoyable to go through. The TornadoTwins youtube tutorials is where I started off and after finishing it I feel much more comfortable working in unity.

Anyway I just wanted to show off my version of the worminator game. So I have made this little youtube video just playing around in it. The worminator game has been made by a lot of people now, and its really interesting to see everyone elses because everyone started out with the same game, but in the end they all made the game a little bit differently, but of course the same concept, same idea.  

Sorry about the parts in the video that cut from one scene to another. I am using the free version of Fraps so I can only record 30 seconds per video. So for this video the gameplay is split into different parts.

Thats about all. Special thanks to TornadoTwins for starting me off with game dev.
I will probably begin working on one of my first real games soon now. I already have an idea for it. The next game will most likely also be another "test game" because there is still a lot I need to learn about unity. So I will make this game to continue learning, but of course this time around I will be working on the next game on my own. I will talk some more about this in the future though.

 Happy Holidays.