Thursday, December 22, 2011

Animations for Character Models in Blender

     In my last post I said that I would post some animations I have done in blender for the next post, which is this post. Confusing...
In game development I believe that animations are very important. Animations are what make the game feel more alive and real. If there were now animations for 3d game characters then all the games would be pretty dull. Basically the player would just be moving around a statue like object that always stays in the same position. So animations are very nice to have when it comes to games.

However, before any animations can even be created, a skeleton needs to be built inside the 3d model. This is called Rigging. Basically you are adding bones to the skin, which is the 3d model. In blender they are actually called bones. Once a skeleton is added to the model, its fun just to move it around in all kinds of funny positions.

But anyway here is a video of some very simple animations I added to some of the character models you have seen in the last blog post. Enjoy the music I have with the video to :) (Gerudos Vally)

The first animation is the rigged One piece model I posted in the last blog. This was actually my first working animation. Its suppose to be a walk cycle, or I guess a run cycle? well im not sure, it looked like a mix of both of them. This animation is not very good, but hey it works. I have improved since this one.

The second animation in the video is an animation of the female anime type character. This animation was much more smooth and better than the one piece animation. It is a run cycle.

The last animation is actually two animations put together. I split them later on to animate separately in the unity game engine. I made this weird robot type character with a red afro and gave him an animation for Idle, which is when the player isn't doing anything, they are just standing there, and the second animation is suppose to be a short walk cycle.

In blender Animating is actually very simple. Its pretty surprising at how quick you can actually create simple animations like the ones I made in the video.
In a future blog post I might make a video demonstrating blender animations inside the unity game engine.
Thats all for now folks. Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah about the statue idea. Don't get me wrong, a game where the player takes the role of a statue and lives in a world filled with other statues sounds very awsome. It needs to be developed!