Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Super Mario Unity 3D Land Project

     Hi everyone, I have finally started my first Unity game project. This game is actually going to be a fan game.
Its Super Mario Unity 3D Land!

So the purpose of this fan game is to better familiarize myself with the Unity Game Engine. Its going to be a practice type game. I wanted to start off with a completely original game but I realized that I need more practice and should not hurry into it that quickly.

Anyway I have made a video demonstrating Super Mario Unity 3D Land. So far all I have done for the game is
-Create the 3d Mario model and some other models like pipes (you can see pipes in this video)
-Rigged the Mario Model and created animations for it.
I have made four animations for the Mario model, one of them is an Idle animation, which is the animation that plays when the player isnt moving in the game, the second one is the run animation, which is the animation that keeps playing while the user holds down a key on the keyboard to make mario run, the next animation is the Jump animation, which is the animation that will play when the player jumps in the game, and the last animation is the Shoot fire ball animation, which is the animation that plays when the player hits the key to shoot a fire ball.

The Animations are pretty badly done, once you watch the movie you will be able to tell, marios run animation makes him look like a running ostrich in space.
Also you will see that the mesh gets a little messed up when an animation plays, it kind of stretches out of place.

Anyway I will be updating the game a little bit at a time and upload a new video to show the new features.
This video is Demo One, and in Demo One I am just getting the character controller to work, getting movements to work, shooting fireballs, and getting animations to play from user input from the keyboard keys. So when the user holds the up arrow key for example Mario should move forward and play the running animation as well.

so heres the video:
The music used for this video is from Super Mario Galaxy, its the main menu theme.

My goals for this fan game is to gain more experience from the unity game engine and learn more about game development. Also I hope to create a Good/Playable Mario game, well hopefully it will turn out good...

In my next update for the game im still not sure what im going to do next, I might try testing out things like collision or adding a HUD/GUI. Ill decide later.

Thats all for now. More Soon.