Saturday, December 31, 2011

Super Mario Unity3D Land - Final Update

     The second and final update on super mario unity 3d land is here. Before I get to the details there is some stuff I need to talk about. In the last blog post I said that this project would be a mario fan game. However, as time went by I realized that working on a fan game is a waste of time. It is better to spend that time working on my own original game, which I will be starting on very soon.

This little mario project was more of a prototype to test out the various things Unity can do, and pretty much unity can do anything any game can. 

    Anyway I have updated it and made a new video. A lot of new things have been added.
The first video was just testing out animations and character movements. This video is basically testing out everything else. 
   The stuff that is being tested out in this video are  GUI, Collision, Destroying game objects and AI.
These are just some very short simple basic test, nothing fancy.

Testing out all these features gave me a much better understanding on scripting and using scripting to create the game.   I should know everything I need in order to create my own game now.

so here is the video, I hope you enjoy it. 

   Thats it, no more updates for the mario project, however from now on I will begin working on my original game. I will update the blog on progress for the game in the future, but first I have to actually start working on the game. :)