Sunday, December 25, 2011

Testing character controller, movement and jumping in Unity3d

   Snowconesolid here, today I just thought I would share a little demo I made a while ago in Unity. In this demo I am just testing out Jumping and moving a 3d character model. There are no animations given to this 3d model because when I made this I still did not know how to animate. This was made at the same time when I was going through the tornadotwins tutorials. So in this video you will see that very statue-like gameplay I was talking about in a previous blog post. But, animations are not the purpose of this video. This video is just showing how a simple platforming type game would look like. Also Jumping and moving around is not the only purpose. I wanted to test out importing your own 3d models into unity and then giving them a character controller. At first I could not figure out how to add character controllers to my own 3d models, and when I did they would be really messed up, but finally I got character controllers to work right.

Also I have updated the 3d character model seen in the video, now its has colors and ready for animations. This model will be seen again in a future game I plan on working on.