Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early 3D Modeling in Blender

Hey everyone Snowconesolid here again. Well I guess I will always be here because its my blog and Im the only posting the blogs, so I guess it was pointless to say that I am here...

Anyway, back on topic. Today I just want to share some of my early work I have done in blender. I started learning blender a while back now and these are the models I made when I was just learning how to use it and its tools that it comes with. Pretty much these are just my practice models. So these models are not the best ones and they are not really original because I used a background reference to create the models, which is actually a great way to begin 3d modeling if you are just starting.

So anyway here are my very first early models made in blender.
Before you check them out I would just like to say that since the time I made these models, when I was just a new blender student about almost 2 months back I have greatly improved in 3d modeling and have created many more other models that look much much better than these. Also my newer models are much more original, they are fully my own ideas and look much much better than what I use to be able to do. Also I feel very comfortable with blender now and I know a lot of its features and just how to use the program overall very quickly and easily. So if you are new to blender you will be very surprised at how simple it is to create pretty much anything you want in it once you understand how to use its features. Anything from Character models to weapons or objects can be created very quickly once you know your way around the program.
So if you are new to blender and feel a bit discouraged with the program don't be. Once you get to know the features and some of the basic key-board shortcuts you will feel like a very professional 3d modeler :)

Anyway enough of the boring wall of text. Here are the models!

Can you tell who this is suppose to be? If you are a fan of Futurama then you should be able to tell. At least I hope so, if not then my modeling is not so good.
Its Bender, the robot from Futurama. When I first started out I wanted a simple character to make. so I choose bender. Bender is basically just a trash can shape with arms and a head.
I like to call it Bender Blender!

 Later on I decided to add a little color to my Bender Model. As you can tell this is not the best texturing but its not bad. Gold Bender.

Here is a Monkey Tower I made. Im not sure how I ended up with this, but originally I was trying to make a checker board typed object. It somehow turned to the monkey tower. 
 Here is one of my first Human type 3d models. This is actually suppose to be based off one of the characters from the anime One Piece.
 Over here is the same model, except for this one I have added a armature, and that basically means that I gave this 3d model a skeleton so that I can be able to animate it and move it around instead of having it stay in its current position forever like a statue. Ill get more into Character Rigging and Animating later on in future blog post.
 And here is probably one of my best looking models I made when I was just starting blender. I used some 2d image I found as a reference for this one.
 Later I decided to make it a little bit more original and add some very basic colors to it.

 Then I decided to make it much more original, so I created some clothes for the model. It looks a little difficult but actually creating clothes and extras for your 3d model is very simple. 

 After a while of practicing I decided to create my very own character from scratch. I wanted to make something very simple so I decided to go with a sack boy like look from Little Big Planet. I also created some extras like a sword and Skull type shiled/mask.
 Later I just added some textures to it to make it a little more interesting.

 And Then I decided to just play around with it, so I went back and just edited it and created this armor like uniform for my character. Theres a  bit more to this character actually, I was planning on using it in a future project, but then decided to do something else. I will talk more about that in the future.

Thats pretty much it. Once again these are just some models I made a while back as practice when I was learning how to use blender. Also you might have noticed that all of these models are very blocky looking, and thats because they are all low poly models. I actually prefer low poly models because they kind of have that actual video game look to them unlike the more realistic models you see in most games today like the Uncharted Games. Don't get me wrong games with realistic models are awsome and look great. However, I believe that low poly models have a lot of advantages to them. Also low poly models can look very nice. In blender you can actually make a low poly model and then smooth it out so that it does not have that block/box appearance to it. After smoothing things out the model looks much much better, I would say about ps2/gamecube type looking models after smoothing everything out.

In the future ill post some more 3d modeling that I have done, some that look much more improved over these ones.

In the next blog post I will probably talk about animating in blender and skeletons and show some animations I have done and also upload some videos.

So thats about all for now. Thanks for reading.